Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wikibooks Logo: New Process

The voting page on meta where they have been discussing a new Wikibooks logo has finally come to some kind of decision: that we want to restart the process from the beginning and abandon the old results. The previous process suffered a large amount of criticism, both from people who felt the process excluded Wikibookians, and from a few people who felt that the final logo design was not of a particularly high quality.

Many people did like the logo that had been selected in the previous voting rounds, and we are going to reenter it (albeit with a modified color scheme) in the new selection process.

Here are some things that we would like to do:
  1. Establish firm guidelines, before any voting occurs, on what the logo should be, what colors it may use, what size, what format, etc. No wildcards later in the process.
  2. Get more wikibookians involved, especially wikibookians from other languages. This will involve translators.
  3. Set firm voting deadlines so that the process cannot drag out indefinitely. The last selection process failed primarily because most of the participants lost interest.
  4. Contact noted graphical designers, including wikimedians and others, who would be willing to submit logo ideas.
If we can get all these things together, and if we can lay out all the ground rules before the process even starts, we should have much more success.

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