Thursday, December 6, 2007


a new checkser candidate has been nominated, our first in a while. We at en.wb have 4 checkusers already, and some people say that this is enough. However, there are strong suspicions that we could be down to two of them within a year, and that's not even the worst case scenario.

Our first checkuser votes took several months to produce a positive result, and there were some nominations that were open for an entire year before being closed as futile. However, things have come a long way since then, and in less then a week our newest candidate is already getting close to the 25 vote minimum.

We've had some very active CUs, and some very diligent vandal fighters on Wikibooks, and we've seen a steady decline in vandalism because of them. This is, I think one of the big reasons why Wikibooks has seen so much growth recently.

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