Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wikibooks and Wikijunior Logos: Discussion Round

The submission stage for the Wikibooks and Wikijunior logo selection process has finished. We are no longer accepting new logo submissions. All told, there are about 33 submissions for WB, and 13 for WJ. During this round, which is scheduled to last until about April 15, we are discussing and voting on the submissions. Some changes can be made based on suggestions. We are trying to select the top 10 "logo families", or groups of logos which are very similar except differ in small details and color schemes.

Starting on April 16th, after the top 10 logo families have been selected, there will be a discussion round to select the best particular logo from each family. This discussion time will last until about 15 May. Until 15 May then, the logos may be modified, including changes in detail, changes in rendering, changes in color scheme, etc. In essence, we are allowing time for the artists to get feedback from the community, and for each submission to be perfected.

Starting 16 May, there will be a final vote to determine the single winning logo. The selected logo must include a 16x16 favicon, logos in black & white and greyscale, and must be available in SVG.

All Wikimedians (THIS MEANS YOU!) are invited to take a look at some of our logo submissions, and discuss or vote on them. I'll post regular updates here on this blog, and I'll probably spam a few of the mailing lists too.

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