Thursday, August 16, 2007

Book Donations: Updates

I've been talking with mr [[Frederick Noronha]] about donating open-content books to Wikibooks, I've written a previous post about this, and I wanted to post a quick update. Mr Noronha has secured rights from the original author to release the first book, but apparently there is an issue because the original illustrator is unwilling to release the books images under an acceptable license. The question has been posed to me: is it okay to upload the book sans the images? The answer: yes. I mentioned a couple points:
  1. Most books on Wikibooks are works-in-progress. Most books are missing necessary images
  2. We have a whole mess of images at commons, we can probably find some suitable replacements
  3. Wikimedia contains a whole bunch of artists. I'm even passable with inkscape in a pinch. We can make new images to replace the old ones.
I'm waiting for the next reply, but hopefully this will smooth out the process.

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