Sunday, August 12, 2007

ICT Policy Handbook

A while ago english Wikibooks received a donation of books from the UNDP APDIP. Because the arrangement has been such a successful one, I have been contacted via email about additional book donations. One of the books being donated now is the ICT Policy Handbook.

An astute observer will notice that the handbook is listed as being released under CC-BY-NC-SA, a license which is not allowed on Wikibooks because of it's NonCommercial clause. This is the reason why the book hasn't been uploaded already. We are working with the author to ensure that the book is properly released under the GFDL, with the images and PDF file versions being uploaded under an acceptable license (probably CC-BY-SA 2.5, or cross-licensed with GFDL, etc).

The text of the email I received paints a very hopeful picture for this partnership:

Could you help to make this possible? It could surely be a win-win game, with this title (and possibly more in the pipeline) adding value to Wikibooks, and Wikibooks giving [sic] the added readership that not-for-profit projects could well do with.

To conclude, some good news here. I'm working on a project to set up an alternative publishing firm of my own, again not-for-profit
and I hope to get the books out in either CreativeCommons2.5Attribution or GFDL or some such suitable license. So I'll probably be coming back shortly with more proposals. Keep up your good work, guys!

The mentions of other books in the "pipeline" and future "proposals" are certainly exciting.

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