Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Google Analytics, Day 1

The first results are in from my experiment with Google Analytics. As of today, I was the only user to be using this script, but more users are joining in the test. Performance issues appear to not be a factor, and looking through the generated reports, I can't find much information that would make people personally identifiable. I'll keep searching on that front though, just to make sure. If IP addresses do appear in the report that would put a hold on the whole thing (Im a CU, so I probably won't abuse that information if i do see it).

Anyway, in the first 24 hours, I:
  1. Checked my watchlist 22 times
  2. Used FireFox 100% of the time
  3. Visited from two distinct locations
  4. Had 105 recoreded page view (we had a javascript error last night, so this number should likely be higher)
  5. Viewed my monobook.js file 10 times (trying to ensure the script was installed correctly)
  6. Am located in the united states
  7. Spent an average of 1:20 viewing each page
Like i said above, last night there was a javascript error that caused my script to crash, so a lot of my hits weren't recorded. However, the numbers look to be very useful. Also, I can export the report to XML, which means that we can likely use some scripts to analyze the data and to post the results onto the wiki (if that's what people want). All in all, I would say that the test is working out very well, and I can't wait to see how things go.

1 comment:

  1. You know you're a wikibooks addict when...

    You check your watchlist more times than there are waking hours in a day.
    [insert other google statistics here]

    But seriously it looks like a nice tool, hopefully it'll work out.