Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Updated Templates

Stolen? Yes, we ripped wikipedia's new {{Ambox}} template off cold. Let's face it: it was a great idea. A complete aesthetic overhaul, and a standardization of all the various messages that we put onto a page. Plus, the nice color-coded scheme is very logical and easily usable. Red means bad, blue or green mean good. It's a system that anybody can get behind. Of course, we had to fiddle with the icons, the colors, and the CSS, but we Wikibookians can never just leave well-enough alone.

Wikibook's old template messages were ugly and archaic. When the idea was brought up to replace them en masse with a newer, sleeker, prettier and more standardized series of templates, the decision was unanimous: "yes, do it now". And so it is done. Wikibooks now has a whole set of fancy new templates, courtesy of Wikipedia.


  1. And of course, we at 'pedia are still stuck with an incredible amount of catfighting over that... If anything, it's not the content wars that will drive me away, but stuff like that.

  2. Cue in my First Law of Wikipedia:

    No matter what you do, someone out there, somewhere, will hate it.

    So it was to be expected. But the reaction to the change has been overwhelmingly positive.

  3. I'm running a wiki on our company intranet - it's a MediaWiki 1.9.3 installation. I noticed the nice ambox template on WikiPedia, and wanted to use it, so I tried to copy the design. I soon realized I needed the ParserFunctions extensions, so I installed them, but I still can't get the ambox to work. Basically the table cell tags for the image are displayed as plain text, like this <td class="ambox-image"></td>, with the actual image in the middle.

    Help, please!?!

  4. Sorry, but there isnt really anything that I can do without more information. What is the name of the website? How can I contact you?