Monday, October 22, 2007

Fundraising and the sister projects

Went to wikipedia today to track down a link, and noticed the new site banner: It's a display with a ticker, a graph and a video. A great advertisement for the new fundraiser. Went back to wikibooks and... nothing.

Wikibooks doesn't have the donation message. Wikiversity doesn't have it. Wikinews, wikiquote, wikisource, none of the sister projects have the donation message. I can't even imagine whether any of the other language projects have it. I know that the foundation has been desperately calling for translators, so I assume this effort is well under way.

What gets me is that wikipedians are all complaining about the way the banner add looks, but they take for granted the fact that they get to see it at all. The rest of wikimedia hasn't even been invited to the fundraiser yet, and wikipedians are complaining about aesthetics.

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