Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Writers UA conference

I've been invited to the WritersUA conference in Portland Oregon next year to speak on behalf of Wikibooks to an audience of software documentation authors. The goal is to discuss the Wikibooks writing process, and hopefully to recruit some new members to the project. Some of the topics to be discussed include:
  • Pros and Cons of wiki-based content creation
  • Introduction to Wikibooks, the WMF, MediaWiki, and associated vocabulary
  • Explanations of how to volunteer, contribute, and donate at Wikibooks
  • Discussion of some "lessons learned" that might be valuable to others working on a similar project.
Wikibooks has a traditional strength in software books and documentation as most of our early adopters were software-inclined in one way or another. Over time many of the early adopters moved on, and we presently see good distribution of contributions over a wide range of subjects. It's my hope that with some good advertisement we will be able to attract authors to help revive many of our dormant computer books.

i'm working on a summary now for the presentation. Apparently it's supposed to be about 75 minutes (allowing for Q&A). I'm certainly open to suggestions about what kinds of materials to cover and how to present it. I'll post more information on this blog as it comes to me.

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