Friday, February 22, 2008

History of the United States

[[History of the United States]] is an old book at English Wikibooks, and one that is in need of help. Once, it was one of the better books on our site, and was selected as "Book of the Month" in April 2005. However, the standards at English Wikibooks have been rising steadily in the past few months, and books that were once considered the creme de la creme are now merely ordinary, or worse.

History of the United States is a book that has previously been merged with a book called "US History". For this reason, many of the pages are titled differently. Also, many links are redirects to other pages, and there are even a few pages in the book's namespace that aren't linked properly.

Besides structural issues, the book needs a lot of love from dedicated authors and editors. Pages tend to follow the "block of text" style, and there is very little formatting to help keep the reader interested. There is also a relative dearth of images. Many old subjects are glazed over, and many trivial new topics are focused on too much.

This book really needs to be adopted by editors and authors, and it needs some love. This is a book that was once one of the best Wikibooks had to offer, and now it's been nominated to de-feature it and remove it from the main page. Editors and authors who are interested should feel free to jump right in and start fixing this book up.

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