Friday, February 8, 2008

March 15th

Only a few people have responded so far to my suggestion that we prepare to move on to the next phase of the Wikibooks logo selection process. 4 People have responded, they are all in favor of moving forward, and some preliminary agreement is being reached on the date "March 15th" as the cutoff for new submissions.

Of course, I would like to see more then 4 opinions on this matter, but it's a good gauge I think of our general timeline at this point. Before we move on to the next phase, we need to work out a timeline for the rest of the process so that it doesnt drag out towards infinity, as such discussions will do if you aren't careful.

The Wikijunior logo discussion is following the same timeline as the Wikibooks discussion, and the submission phase for that will end at the same time. The wikijunior discussion has attracted far fewer submissions so far then the Wikibooks discussion has, but I would hope that this "final call" will help to attract a few late submissions. More is always better, and even if you think your design isn't a good one, you should definitely submit it.

I'm going to spam a few messages to foundation-l, commons, meta, wikibooks, etc. If translators are available who could post notice on other language wikibooks projects about (a) the discussion to end the submission phase and (b) the fact that we are running out of time for submissions, that would be a great help.

I'll post updates as more details are decided upon.

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  1. I'll post a message at the pub on it.wikibooks --[[User:Ramac]]