Monday, January 14, 2008

Adopt a Book

Writing a book is a big project, and many authors jump into it without realizing exactly how much work it takes to make a book a successful one. Here are some books and book-stubs that have been abandoned, and need to be adopted:

[[Programming:Delphi]]: This "book" consists only of a short introduction to Delphi programming, and a listing of links to external websites to go for help. If you know Delphi and would like to take over, it would be a big start. Conversely, if you know of other groups or websites with Delphi or Kylix materials that they would like to donate, that would be awesome too. If you know it, we could use some help with our [[Fortran]] and [[Pascal]] books as well.

[[Solar System]]: This book is basically just a skeleton, and needs a lot of work. This book could probably be seeded by importing articles directly from wikipedia, and then removing the unnecessary information and formatting that doesnt fit into a book. Funny enough, we have a great book on this subject, if you're a child: [[Wikijunior:Solar System]]. Adults just don't get the same attention.

[[Raising Cattle]]: Farmers wanted! This little book-stub has only a bare-minimum level of content, and could use an overhaul. And while you're at it, take a quick glance at [[Raising Chickens]] too.

[[Sufism]]: The Sufism book needs some attention, and formatting, and cleanup, and more content. It's a "one big page" book with plenty of links to Wikipedia, but not a lot of content for itself. If you're familiar with Sufism, this book could use your help.

En.Wikibooks has about 3,000 books, but only about 60 of them are good enough to be featured. That means we need your help with 2,940 books on a wide variety of subjects.

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  1. I can help... the Sufism books seems like something can handle but where do I work on the file?