Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lots of Activity

Wikibooks has been bustling with activity in the past few days and weeks. A few new active members have joined and have already shown themselves to be productive community members. I'm thrilled about it, personally. Some things that are going on:

  1. The list of featured books is getting a good cleaning. We have a few books in there that were sort of "grandfathered in", and now no longer fit our definition of "good". These books are being evaluated and removed from the listing, leaving only the true creme de la creme.
  2. "Wikiprojects" are being reincarnated as the less idiosyncratically-named "Maintenance Projects". On that has my heart is the "Publishing Project", whose aim is to edit our good books, prepare them for PDF/publishing/distribution, etc. It's a logical extension to our work, and is the project that is most going to affect the future of Wikibooks, in my opinion.
  3. A Wikibooks newsletter is being created, or the old newsletter is being re-created. Keeping up with news and accomplishments (like we've been trying to do with the bulletin board) can go a long way to helping the community coalesce and infusing us with a combined sense of project-pride.

2008 is shaping up to be a good year for Wikibooks, and hopefully things exceed even my expectations.

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