Sunday, January 20, 2008

+Patroller and +Rollbacker

The new +rollbacker and +patroller rights have been enabled on en.wikibooks, and administrators have been given the ability to distribute these rights without requiring bureaucrat intervention. Unlike wikipedia, support on wikibooks was nearly unanimous, and very little arguing occured. Some people would have preferred that these new rights were only applied by bureaucrats, but in the end we didn't go that route.

This year, I would like to see these rights distributed to many willing participants, and I hope that the +patroller right becomes helpful in putting an end to our never-ending new page backlog. I also would like to see these rights helping to catapult users who maybe wouldnt qualify for adminship under our relatively-strict system, but who are looking to become active and involved in community maintenance work anyway. Ideally, people who otherwise wouldn't be interested in adminship would display a need for the tools, and we will be able to expand our ranks of admins.

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