Thursday, January 3, 2008

Page Counts: Correction

A new wikibookian, [[User:Jacques Bergeron]] has suggested an interesting diagnosis for why the wikicharts page counts seem to be so wildly inaccurate. His hypothesis is that the counter keeps a running total of all page hits since the counter was first activated, and that total is then divided by the current day of the month. This would make more sense if it were the count since the beginning of the month divided by the current day instead. It seems like a plausible explanation, and he has filed a bug report to that effect in the necessary places.

Anyway, doing a little bit of arithmetic to correct for this error (if this is indeed the true nature of it), I've come to the following totals:
  • en.wikibooks: approx 23,000 page views per day; 750,000 page views per month.
  • en.wikijunior: approx 500 page views per day; 15,000 page views per month.
  • en.wikiversity: approx 7,500 page views per day; 225,000 page views per month.
These seem to be reasonable estimates of page counts, and when combined with some information at, is perhaps the first good picture we have about our usage statistics.

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  1. If you look carefully, you're also notice that you can't select individual months after 07/2007 (but the number of days statistics say its been running for resets each month). I'd say that that is very likely the case.

    -bawolff [[n:en:user:Bawolff]]